Coaching Requirements

Anyone can start the process of becoming a gymnastics coach: an athlete, parent, or any other interested individual.

Starting at age 13, potential coaches may participate in the Pre-CIT program at their club, and then starting at age 15, they can begin their NCCP training.

For more information on the Pre-CIT program, please click here.

We are currently re-building our coaching requirements tool. If you have specific coaching questions, please contact your P/TSO Coaching Representative or Suzanne Fisher at


Following completion of the three Gymnastics Foundations courses (Intro course, Theory course, discipline-specific course (including the online MED evaluation), coaches must assemble their "Coaching Portfolio" and complete the Gymnastics Foundation discipline-specific evaluation process to become certified.

  1. Coaching Portfolio - Beginning on page 6 of the Gymnastics Canada Coach Evaluation package are details on building the portfolio.
  2. Gymnastics Foundations evaluation process - There is NO time requirement between the coach taking the Gymnastics Foundation courses and completing the Gymnastics Foundations evaluation. Evaluations should take between 2.5 and 4 hours to complete. The Gymnastics Canada coach evaluation package and evaluator guide MUST be used. These are available in electronic format.