National Teams

Sophie Crane

  • Residence

    Toronto, ON

  • Coach(es)

    Stefka Moutafchieva

Sophie Crane

Birthplace: Toronto, ON
Year of Birth: 2002
Club: Jusco RG
Jr. National Team since: 2015

Getting into the sport: After watching rhythmic gymnastics during the 2008 Olympic Games, Sophie really wanted to try it…Ribbon is what captured her attention…Sophie’s parents had no idea what RG was but they found the pre-elite program at Seneca…The next year, she moved to Jusco when the Seneca program closed.

Outside Interests: During the summer, Sophie likes to play softball with her dad and sister…Both parents played softball when they were younger and Sophie’s dad still plays…Sophie played softball at the age of 7 and it has always been in her family.

Odds and Ends: In three words Sophie would describe herself as: fun, smart, and very picky. 


  • Year
  • Event Name
  • Achievement
  • 2017
  • Canadian Championships (Edmonton, AB)
  • 2nd A-Around, 1st Hoop, 1st Ball, 1st Clubs, 3rd Ribbon  
  • 2017
  • Elite Canada (Toronto, ON)
  • 3rd A-Around, 4th Hoop, 1st Ball, 5th Clubs, 6th Ribbon  
  • 2016
  • Canadian Championships (Winnipeg, MB)
  • 3rd A-Around, 4th Rope, 6th Hoop, 5th Ball, 3rd Clubs  
  • 2016
  • Elite Canada (Vancouver, BC)
  • 3rd A-Around, 2nd Rope, 6th Hoop, 4th Ball, 3rd Clubs